Made by Paper Lovers, For Paper Lovers

We’re fellow stationery enthusiasts, pen-pals, and thoughtful friends–on a mission to spread joy and steward connection through handwritten notes.  

Over 1,000 club members served each month...and counting!

Passionate about paper and handwritten letters–just like you.

Pretty Paper Club inspires and equips fellow paper lovers to send handwritten notes by making it easy, convenient, and fun. 

We exist to deliver delight and brighten mailboxes nationwide through personalized stationery and accessories delivered to your doorstep monthly.

Inspire connection. No screens required. 

Who doesn’t love receiving a good handwritten note? Knowing someone took the time to put pen to paper feels special (especially in today’s world).Creating a fun and intentional way to connect is the heartbeat behind Pretty Paper Club. We believe in cultivating relationships thoughtfully in the digital age. All it takes is a line or two to let someone know you care–to make someone feel loved, appreciated, or celebrated.

Happiness guaranteed. Convenience delivered. 

Always fresh, always fun, always accessible. Small-batch stationery to help you keep in touch with friends and family all year round. Every box is thoughtfully designed with you and your recipients in mind. Skipping a month is easy. Cancel anytime.


Experience the joy of sending happy mail without spending a fortune on custom stationery or purchasing in bulk.

Meet the Creator

Hi, I'm Natalie.

Designer, paper lover, mom of four, lifelong pen-pal 

What started as a hobby, gifting personalized stationery to friends and family in honor of my best friend Julie, turned into a stream of ongoing requests for custom stationery from strangers. 

One day, in a moment of sheer courage and creativity, I threw up a website. That month, Pretty Paper Club welcomed its first 30 members.

Today, we deliver delight to over a thousand members each month, spreading joy and inspiring connection one box of stationery at a time. 

We’d love for you to join us! 


How Pretty Paper Club Came To Be

It all started with a friendship. 

Her name was Julie. 

Both of us grew up in military families and moved often. Before the internet was even a thing, we wrote letters. 

Handwritten letters week after week, month after month, year after year. Each one from Julie filled with confetti.

At the age of 33, Julie lost her life to cancer. 

After years of friendship and hundreds of letters, I signed her hospice paperwork and held her sleeping baby while she passed. At that moment, the brevity of life overwhelmed me, and I realized Julie left us all a gift. 

The gift of connection. Stories. Friendship. Handwritten letters.

And that’s how Pretty Paper Club was born. 

To honor Julie’s memory and the impact she made through a lifetime of letters and confetti bombs.

What’s with the confetti?

We’re so glad you asked. 

In each box, you’ll receive a packet of confetti in honor of Julie’s memory. 

It’s our way of spreading kindness like confetti (literally) into your home and the homes of people you love. All you have to do is sprinkle a little confetti in each letter to make your recipients smile ear to ear.

Making snail mail memorable since 2017. 

I love cute stationery and sending notes–and judging from the feedback I have gotten, my friends and family enjoy them (esp in this digital age).
This box is wonderful! The personalized stationery is of great quality, and I love the selection of goodies each month. Highly recommended!

Why Pretty Paper Club? 

We make it easy to stay connected with personalized stationery delivered to your doorstep. 

We make writing letters fun with bright + cheerful designs, themed monthly.   

Confetti packet included in each box. But that’s not all. Enjoy the best collection of paper accessories, including stickers, tags, washi tape, pens, and more. 

We simplify the process, so you always have what you need on hand to send a quick note. 

We’re more than pretty paper. We’re a community of people who celebrate and cheerlead others with intentional words and thoughtful notes. 

We’re the kindest club on the planet. Cancel anytime or skip a month, no questions.


Emails are good, but letters are better.