I am obsessed with Paper Products.

I have been collecting stationery, notebooks, stickers, confetti, pens, planners…for years. The digital age did not steal away my love for pen and paper.

My best friend, Julie, was the most amazing pen pal. She shared the love of all things paper. Julie started our tradition of adding CONFETTI to every letter we sent. The explosion of CONFETTI would make our hand written letters even sweeter. We grew up in the military so we both moved frequently. After age 14 we never lived in the same state again. It didn’t matter. We racked up thousands of dollars in long distance bills, but more frequently we wrote each other letters. Like, thousands of letters. 

Fast forward to adulthood. We were still the best of friends. We did everything together. College. Marriage. Babies. Life. At 31 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away by the time we were 33. I can’t write this without bursting into tears and grabbing my chest because I feel so much pain. I am comforted and grateful to have all the letters she wrote to me. My 21st birthday card, letters from high school shenanigans, congrats on having a baby. Stationery, paper and letter writing was our thing. For many years I would print JN (Julie Natalie) on my stationery as my way to keep connected with her. We also wrote JN and Beaches on every note. 

I have been gifting stationery to family and friends for years. In the hustle of raising kids, I dreamt up the idea of a Stationery Club! Sending personalized stationery out every month to my family and friends to keep them stocked up on trendy paper goods. I found a platform to help manage the orders. I took a few photos and sent it to my family and friends. We now have members in almost every state. BFF Julie is right here with me and part of it all. Pretty Paper Club includes a bag of CONFETTI in EVERY order as a way to honor Julie.

Pretty Paper Club inspires members to keep connected with loved ones. You know, sort of like spreading kindness like CONFETTI! Everyone knows the feeling of receiving a letter in the mail from a loved one. I like to think that your friends and family deserve more than an Email or 'txt msg' every now and then! Let's go, get to sprinkling that CONFETTI. xoxo-Natalie

Connect with us at hello@prettypaperclub.com